Friday 15 December 2017
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10 Reasons to use Tension Fabric Systems

Tension fabric systems are an ideal choice for your next exhibition. Not only are they durable and customisable but are also perfect banner displays for any conference, trade show or any other location where an impressive display is required. Tension Fabric Systems are not only a cost-effective choice but have no space or event limitations too. Here is why you should consider a tension fabric system for your next event.

  1. Portable

A tension fabric system is lightweight and comes packed in a wheeled bag. Every component fits in well, making it easy to transport to any event. It is easy to dismantle, thereby allowing parts to be stacked into the storage cases. It makes it easy to take them on and off-site.Image result for 10 Reasons to use Tension Fabric Systems

  1. Curve Appeal

Tension graphics and aluminium profiles that can be bent to any diameter make the Cestrian tension fabric system a modular solution that adapts to your needs. It allows the insertion of brand visuals and bespoke graphics that stretch across the surface of the frame without the formation of creases. The ability to bend makes it possible to create great curves to help you stand out. It is available in multiple depths and can be tailored to meet your requirements such as the floor space and ceiling hung displays.

  1. Multiple Applications

As a printed medium, the fabric comes with many attractive qualities. In trade shows, fabrics are being used as booth frame structures. With the modular display systems, there are virtually no limits to design possibilities. From free standing walls, custom figured booths, to three-dimensional towers; they create the attraction you need. For such applications, the best method uses direct-to-fabric print or dye-sublimation technologies since the material must be stretched and tensioned. Also, with such materials, the fabric can be washed and thrown into a dryer when they wrinkle.

  1. Easy Installation

The best detail about these systems is that they can be installed without any specialised knowledge. Just press the welt edge into the slot of the modular frame and ensure the fabric is tense. This should create a seamless flat finish. It makes it easy to change the fabric, ensuring the data is not altered. Freestanding systems are fully equipped with stands to keep the booth in the right position all day. Not only does such versatility ensure your marketing message gets across but can also be employed in a whole host of locations.

  1. Display

These systems come in a broad range of profiles. There are profiles suitable for scalable double-sided displays, some single sided displays, and others three-dimensional structures.

  1. Seamless

It is easy to create large seamless displays using tension fabric systems. The displays can be as large as the print bed being used. Once the graphics are installed in the modular frame, the tension gets rid of all creases, presenting a crease-free display.

  1. Affordable

Tension fabric systems eliminate installation fees and courier charges. You can have the graphics emailed for your team to install on-sight.

  1. Modular

A modular design is the ideal fitting solution for your exhibition space. That’s what tension fabric systems offer. Using a modular structure, you can easily reconfigure and rehabilitate your space according to your needs. With the fabric staying in tension, it gets easy to roll or fold the graphics to a compact size for easy transportation.

  1. They are Green

These systems are built using high-quality modular frames that are of high quality and unmatched strength. TFS is designed to be reused without compromise on quality. In fact, modular frames are completely recyclable.

  1. Available in Light Boxes

TFS come with top quality signage solutions. They also have high impact graphics used in displays, exhibitions, interior displays and other applications. Our Fabric Light Boxes come with varying depths, facilitating varying shapes, sizes and formats. This allows designs to be custom made.

The Tension fabric systems that Cestrian Imaging supply are an ideal alternative to larger exhibition stands. Their versatility allows them to be used in a large host of locations to get your marketing message across.

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