Friday 15 December 2017
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A Quick Guide To Planning An Outdoor Wedding

For any recently engaged couple, the process of planning a wedding is exciting and exhausting in equal measure.

There are plenty of potential difficulties which face couples planning a wedding and even more for those who are set on an outdoor wedding.

It seems as if plenty of couples are having to tackle these challenges as well. According to this from The Knot, outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular.

To make sure your outdoor wedding is as perfect as possible, heres a quick guide to planning an outdoor wedding.


The location of an outdoor wedding can differ massively. Depending what is important to you, it could be held in the garden of your childhood home or on the beach o0f a Caribbean island.

In fact, destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Take a look at this article from Mail Online which says that one in four UK couples are now choosing to head abroad to tie the knot.

Regardless of whether you are heading abroad or stay close to home, the locations proximity to other facilities is the important thing.

If you are holding an outdoor ceremony but the rest of the wedding inside a hotel then there is a lot less to worry about. However, if you are looking to host the entire event away from traditional facilities, you will certainly have more things to worry about.

Keeping Warm

The majority of outdoor weddings are obviously held in the summer months, giving you the best chance of having good weather on your big day.

While this means that there will be nothing to worry about during the day, it does mean that it could be a little chilly in the evening.

If you are choosing to hold your reception in a marquee or other outdoor space, you need to consider how youre going to keep your guests warm.

Thankfully, the world of outdoor heating has come a long way in recent years and now there are plenty of options to make a marquee feel as comfortable as a bricks and mortar building. A great example would be those supplied by Event Heat.


No wedding day is complete without some delicious food to keep you and your guests fuelled and content so you can enjoy the rest of the festivities.

However, hosting a wedding outside brings challenges for catering. For example, with just a marquee in a field, where on earth is the food going to be prepared?

There are lots of companies which offer specialist catering for special outdoor events. So whether you are looking for a buffet or a 3-course meal, you should be able to find the perfect caterers for your big day.

For a bit of inspiration, take a look at these lists from Harper’s Bazaar and Go Hen, which offer a great variety of different styles and dishes.

Extra Added Touches

The idea of an outdoor wedding is obviously very exciting, however, it clearly is tricky to get right. There are a few extra touches you can add to really make the experience as enjoyable for everyone as possible.

If your location means that guests may have to venture into the dark of the night between marquees or facilities, it might be useful to get some charming fairy lights to illuminate their path.

Suppose the worst happens and it rains during the day, why not have lots of umbrellas on hand by the entrance to keep everyone dry and looking their glamorous best?

Getting married on grass? The soft ground can cause all sorts of problems for the women in heels. Why not offer plastic heel protectors or even lay down some hell-friendly temporary floor panels?

Spending a Penny

Another issue which has to be resolved when hosting an outdoor wedding is a hospitable location for people to use the toilet.

Whether it was at a music festival or a country fayre, we have all had bad experiences with portable toilets. Regardless of whether youre a man or a woman, there is something very unglamorous about the standard portable toilet, especially if you are in your wedding clothes.

However, the world of portable toilets has come a long way in recent years and there are now lots of much more hospitable hireable options available.

One great example would be those offered by Event Washrooms. When you step inside these types of portable toilet, youd be forgiven for thinking you were in a country hotel.

These are a great option to ease the worries of any of your guests who are concerned about the idea of an outdoor wedding.

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