Friday 18 August 2017
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Posts by: Bobby Green


The Perfect Place to Host Your Special Event

If you have been planning a special event like a birthday party or any kind of an event, which is special to you and you have planned for...


Best Upcoming Dulcimer Events

Dulcimer is a pretty old instrument, but it still has a lot of fans all around the world. Dulcimer events and festivals are the best way...


Do have the best restroom trailer inventory

The restrooms are not just the restrooms now as they are properly designed in delivering the best to you. If you are one of the restrooms...

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How to Choose a Scary Movie for the Family

Horror movies are fun, but they can be scary for younger children. Your kids want the adrenaline rush but not the nightmares that come with...


Is The Future Still Looking Bright For Medical Marijuana

Is the future still looking bright for medical marijuana or should it step aside for the emergence of recreational marijuana? More states...


Regal tent: The best company offering tents for commercial purposes

Tents are becoming the first choice for any commercial function as due to their large size they can easily be placed in gardens or at the...


Planning A Little Girl’s Princess Birthday Party

When your daughter was born you immediately began calling her your little princess.  And now she’s getting older and she wants to...


Corporate Comedians Will Take the Stress out of Your Next Event

There are a lot of reasons why you’ve planned a corporate event. It can be a way to encourage team building or inspire an unmotivated...

Girl hand touching screen on modern mobile smart phone. Close-up image with shallow depth of field focus on finger.

Advantages of Mix Platform Mobile Phone Applications for Event

Because of the growing recognition of wise phone technology, it is an important job for all event organizers to build up mobile phone...