Friday 15 December 2017
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Embrace Humanitarianism – Gift Books To the Needy   

Books are an indispensable part our lives. Some of us feel the magic of books to the point that a unique bond is formed between the reader and the tale. For most of us, sitting near a fireplace with our favorite novel in one hand and coffee in another is our idea of a peaceful weekend. Books can bring us tears, make us fall in love, take us to places we have never been and speak to us in languages we may never know.

People with a passion for stories tend to hoard books and tend to pile them up. It can be very difficult to manage such a large collection and it is equally difficult to part with them too. The hard truth is that you already know your collection well and there are multiple places where your book is needed rather than on a dusty shelf in one of your rooms’. So, as heartbreaking as the parting sounds, you can get rid of your favorite fables easily.

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Now, the question arises that where can your books possibly go? There are a number of places where you can donate or circulate your books. This can not only get you a tax deduction, but also prevent piling of unwanted books.

Locally you can give way kasutatud raamatud to beneficial charities or families that are needy. They include:

  • The salvation army

The Salvation Army accepts books for donations and includes both hardcovers and paperback books. Salvation Army website is available for any quires regarding the drop off location.

  • Goodwill

Goodwill accepts second-hand books for their resale stores. They include the unemployed and the disabled.

  • Libraries

There are friends of the library society where books are held for sale and other fundraising events. Second-hand books are circulated among a group of people where it is utilized to its full capacity.

  • Local Thrift stores:

Another productive way of handling your collection are giving them away in a local thrift store. Stores policies should be checked before entering into any type of agreement. There are some non-profitable organizations too.

  • Fundraisers

An entire book drive can be organized if there are people willing to come up with something efficient. Got books?  It provides you with crates that can come in handy while collecting donated books. The money raised goes for any charity you like. Raising money for a cause will bring you happiness and your prized possessions will help in making someone smile.

  • Reading tree

U.S. holds book donating centers like reading trees which fund libraries and schools both indigenously and overseas.

  • Books for soldiers

Deployed soldiers can now read your favorite stories with the help of books for soldiers. All you need to do is sign up as a volunteer on the website and you can browse through the soldiers’ wish list. A specific type of book is often requested.

  • Books for Africa

To the developing countries like Africa, it is possible to send packages of books, which will benefit the not so fortunate children.

  • Books through bars

Book through bars is an organization for prisoners, who dream of higher education and a better outside life.

Author’s Bio:

This article has been written by Fred Pipkin. The donation is a blessing for many people. It is a chance to change and touch innumerable lives. You could be the reason behind somebody’s smile. The objective of reuse is well endorsed by Uuskasutus keskus. They change lives each day. Donate kasutatud raamatud to people who need it. Give them a life changing experience.

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