Friday 15 December 2017
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For the Finest in Floating Fountains, Choose Experience

To get to the source of one of the most popular tourist and sightseeing attractions in the world, you have to go back a century to the nation of Germany. It was there that Otto Przystawik established the Waltzing Waters and Liquid Fireworks. Combining fountains with music, he first displayed his creations in stores and restaurants.

Floating Fountains

A key part of these remarkable displays comes in the form of fountains, which can be installed in several different ways. For example, you may arrange for these experts to create a fountain in a self-contained pool, a choice that is one of the most popular. This option is also one of the most convenient to maintain, according to the professionals.

Reliable Service

For this installation, treating the pool water is much like treating the water in a swimming pool. The water and the equipment generally remain clean and operate with a minimum of maintenance. The company reports that some of their floating fountains of this type operate for months with almost no maintenance.

Another method involves a lake fountain show. The equipment is contained in a flotation system of large-diameter stainless steel tubing. This installation allows the mechanism to rise and fall with the water depth of the lake or pond. There is an increased construction cost with this option, just as the need for maintenance increases. The submersible pumps must be cleaned regularly because of natural algae growth in open water.

Some larger installations are placed in pools with relatively shallow water, a good alternative to the floating system. This design includes construction of a platform or artificial island that contains the pool that houses the show. Maintenance is not required as often as with the floating option described above.

On a Barge

When a deep body of water is used, these experienced professionals will place the entire display including the pool on a barge. In many cases, this craft is built to resemble an island, adding to the visual appeal. As with other options, maintenance is held to a minimum because a dedicated pool is used. You also have the advantage of being able to reorient the show.

These options have proven to be quite popular because they are both exciting and somehow calming. Anyone who has seen a professionally constructed show of this type will generally say it was one of the most memorable experiences that he or she has had. Because fountain/music productions can be a major investment, it’s essential that you work with a company bringing plenty of experience to the task.

If you’re considering an installation or show of this type, you may want to begin by visiting the website. You’ll get a very good indication of what the company is capable of, which may lead you to talk to a representative to discuss your specific needs and project. In fact, when you talk to someone from the firm, be sure to ask for references from other clients.

You’ll hear some very positive feedback, especially from customers who have had light and music shows run for months with almost no service or maintenance.

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