Monday 22 January 2018
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How to Plan A Big Business Event

Planning a business event can be an incredibly stressful process thanks to the enormous amount of moving parts that need to work perfectly together. It’s no wonder that so many people who are planning event are willing to spend up to thousands of dollars on an event planner who will do all the hard work for them.

For many people, however, hiring an event planner isn’t in the cards. For some, this expense is not worth the convenience. Other people enjoy the challenge of throwing an event and enjoy being in charge.

Whatever the reason, there are some methods that you can use to be as organized as possible and to ensure that your event runs smoothly and seamlessly.

1. Ask Yourself The Big Questions

You can’t throw an event until you’ve answered some key questions. What time of day is this event going to be? What meal is typically served during this time? What is the venue going to be, and how does this affect the dress code for guests?

These questions will help you visualize exactly the kind of event that you are going to have so that you can begin planning in a more focused way.

2. Determine Your Budget And Your Priorities

You cannot make any big decisions about your event until you know exactly how much you are willing to spend. In addition to deciding on a budget for the entire event, you also need to decide how much of that budget you are willing to allot to each component. Is food the most important factor?

If so, how much of your total budget is going to ensuring that the guests enjoy delicious fare?

Come up with percentages for each component of your event. For instance, you can decide that 40% of your budget will go to the venue, 30% to food, and 20% to entertainment. Leave some room in your budget for the little things that add up quickly.

3. Coordinate All The Components Into One Big List

As we’ve stated, an event requires many moving parts and many people who are responsible for each part. These people require information ahead of time. For instance, the person who is in charge of setting up the room needs a list of chair and table numbers. Also, if you hired a furniture rental company, they will need details, too.

The person providing entertainment requires a schedule. Instead of giving each worker a separate list, compile all of the information into one list and hand this out to each worker.

This way, the workers can coordinate with each other instead of relying on you to provide all the information on the day of the event.

4. Learn How To Make The Most Out Of A Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet can be your best friend, so learn how to use it to your best advantage. The best way to stay organized is to divide your spreadsheet into three columns: the name of the person in charge of one component, what that component is and any important details.

Organizing your spreadsheet this way allows you to filter it so that you can focus on one element at a time. For instance, with the click of a button you can easily see only components pertaining to food and beverages. This method allows you to stay as organized as possible.

When it comes to planning an event, organization is key. By following these simple steps, you will never consider hiring an event planner again.

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