Monday 22 January 2018
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How to Plan an Amazing Event

If you’ve never planned an event, you might not know where to start. While the entire process can seem like a massive undertaking, what you’re seeing really is a result of a great deal of planning and many small steps. Below are some basic steps you need to take to lay the foundation for a good event.

Start with the Why

Why are you planning an event? Are you having a party or are you throwing a fundraiser? Is this a wedding or a funeral? Are you trying to create a casual atmosphere or are you trying to make things business-like. These questions are all important and must be answered before you do anything else.

Every event needs to have a reason, even if that reason is as simple as wanting to get people together. If you cannot figure out why you are having an event, you can’t make any other reasonable decisions. Stop, think, and then move.

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Look at the Guest List

How many people do you want to invite to your event? This is going to be another key factor in making other decisions, so don’t leave this one until later. Every type of event needs a different type of guest list, so try to narrow down your reasons again. If the event is going to be small and intimate, you’ll want to start thinking about ways to set the mood and planning a menu.

If you’re looking at a larger list, you’ll want to start figuring out ways for people to mingle and planning entertainment. Pay attention to who is on your list, as well – not every activity is appropriate for every crowd.

Find Your Space

Next, start looking at the space. Every event needs a space in which it can occur, and simply settling for your own backyard is not always appropriate. Once you have an approximate number of guests, you can start calling local spaces to figure out their capacity and what the prices might be.

Your budget is going to play a huge role in the process of finding a space, so make sure you have that locked down as well. Your space will determine most of what can or cannot be done in the party. Also, think about the decorations for the party.

Remember the Requirements

You will need to make sure your party has places for your guests to sit and refreshments to keep them sated. Always start thinking about costs like furniture rental early on, especially if you have very specific needs.

At the same time, you’ll want to make the decision between providing a full meal and providing light refreshments. As with most decisions, this will be a budgetary issue so be as realistic as you can. Once you can make sure your guests are comfortable, everything else will fall in place.

There is quite a bit to do if you want to plan an event, but the four steps above will help you to get a good foundation laid. Find your reason, identify your guests, find your space and then make sure you have all the necessities in place. Once this is done, you should be able to show your guests a good time and make sure that your event can go forward without failing on the basic level.

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