Saturday 24 February 2018
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How to Plan the Perfect Wedding

 Making sure your big day goes down without the slightest of snags is always going to be your biggest priority when it comes to planning the perfect wedding. But with so much to think about and consider, how exactly do you get started? Read on for some of the best ideas to help strategize the perfect plan.

Plan Early

You might well have set the date well out in advance but that doesn’t mean you need to push the planning back closer to that date. Planning early is the best way to make sure your wedding goes to plan. Doing so takes a tremendous amount of stress out of the run up to your big day, freeing you up to concentrate on other details in the lead up to the service.

Having a clear plan before you start out is the best way to keep on top of things and minimize the chances of forgetting something crucial. It also ensures you focus on the finer details like wedding send off ideas, seating plans and reception catering.

Budget Setting

Hold back on spending any money on things related to your wedding until you’ve settled a strong budget and cross checked it against everything you’re hoping to have in place on your wedding day. Factor in a budgetary allowance for possible things you’ve overlooked or potential things you might forget, these are just as important as the typical costs like gifts, beauty expenses and dress alterations.

Help and Assistance

 Another great way to build a robust plan is to reach out to friends and family and delegate organization of aspects of your plan to those that are willing to help out. The support you can get from people you can trust will give you honest feedback about your plan and help take a look at your vision from an outside perspective – one that is crucial to your guests having a great time!

Carefully Consider the Guest List

The guest list is one of the things you’ll need to start planning first, it’s also one of the more important aspects of a memorable wedding. To help build up a great list you’ll want to have a venue in mind that meets your criteria, from there you can begin to estimate the amount of people who can attend and then begin planning your biggest expense. Work closely with your significant other to settle on something great for both of you and then draw up a shortlist of who you’d like to attend together.

Alternative Plan

Having a contingency plan in place, should things fall through at the last minute or should your original plans not pan out will really help take the pain out of these particular problems if they should suddenly arise. Plan an alternative for each scenario and you’ll be safe should something not go to plan and still pull off a wonderful wedding too.

Book a Great Photographer

Photos are one of the things you’ll look back on from your wedding for years to come. That’s why it’s so crucial to hire a great photographer and ensure you get the best outcome possible. Take a look around at photographers and the work they’ve done at weddings to find a style that works for you. You could even hire them for engagement parties and the like too, if only for a trial run.

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