Monday 22 January 2018
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How to Spice Up a Wedding Reception with Live Band Performance?

Do you wish to make your wedding a memorable one? Then, spare some cash for live wedding bands!

Lip-smacking food and an excellent musical band can make your wedding a hit among guests. You will become the talk of the town. On years to come family and friends will recall how much fun they had at your wedding. All that’s possible if you hire a supremely talented live musical band, also an excellent chef!

Using Live Bands Intelligently At the Wedding

Now-a-days every wedding ceremony is custom designed as per the choices of the bride and groom. Check out some handy ways to add that personal touch on your live wedding band’s performance.


Time: This is basically the time when the invitees slowly arrive. They begin to settle down in the seats. This is about 30-40 minutes before the bride makes her grand entrance.

Suitable Music: The chosen music being played during this time should be soft. It should be a modest musical selection which prepares the guests for the beginning of an auspicious day. The music should pick-up softly as it leads to the bride’s appearance.


Time: This is moment when the beautiful bride appears and walks down the aisle.

Suitable Music: A soothing, melodious & royal music is most befitting at this hour. This will be in sync with the bride walking slowly. A peppy tune will be completely out of place at this time and should be avoided.


Time: This is auspicious instance when the bride and groom take their vows and the priest presents them as husband and wife.

Suitable Music: If the church has a choir singing hymns during the ceremony. The live band may play a wonderful instrumental tune to compliment the hymns. You may also opt for your favorite song to be performed by the band.


Time: This is the moment when the formal marriage documents are signed by the bride and groom to legally register their marriage.  

Suitable Music: To pump up this important but boring time, your live bands can play some fun romantic songs. The time will be enjoyable for guests, family and friends. Ask the singers to not go over the top and select some apt numbers to suit the solemn event.


Time: When the bride dances with her father, groom and all family and friends join in the stage.

Suitable Music: Super fun up-beat tempo should be played! All peppy numbers that reflect the happy occasion and make everyone move with the beats.

Exclusive songs and instrumental pieces created live have the capacity to entertain guests of all ages. Do try to rope in musicians who are flexible and are accustomed to sudden plan changes common in weddings. Also, if your budget allows, have two different musical groups perform- one for the wedding ceremony, and the other for the reception party. It brings a fresh charm to the whole atmosphere.

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