Friday 15 December 2017
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How to Use Movavi Photo Noir to Create Fantastic Black and White Picture

Before color photography was invented, all photos are black and white. Nowadays, you can add black and white effect onto photo to bring back reminiscent of the past era. Even though black and white effect are colorless, it can create a dramatic look on the photo. Adding black and white effect onto the photo has been made easier with photo editor software like Movavi Photo Noir.

If you shoot a photo with a black and white lens, you won’t have a color version of the photo. If you want a color as well as a black and white version of the photo, you can use Movavi Photo Noir to help you achieve your goal. Movavi Photo Noir is a very small investment because you don’t have to spend money on buying a vintage camera or expensive photo editing software that comes with complex functions. It is just the software you need if you only have a small budget to spend on a software that create black and white effect.


Movavi Photo Noir offers a clean and straightforward interface for beginners who want to convert photo to black and white. It can convert your entire photo into black and white in a single click. It can also highlight important details in more vivid colors compared to the original photo. You can use the brush tool to select the area that you want to highlight in color. The eraser tool is available if you want to erase away an area that you have mistakenly highlighted in color. With just a bit of creativity, you will be able to create a wonderful vintage black and white photo.

Movavi Photo Noir offers live views features for the black and white filter. Each filter offers a different black and white look that is unique from one another. You can see how your photo look in that black and white effect prior to clicking on the Export button to save it. There is enough variety of black and white filters the software offers. When you expand the adjustment tab, you will see a lot of different sliders that you can drag to increase or decrease the color tone in the photo. These sliders will give global adjustment onto the entire photo as you drag them.

You can click on the Save preset button to save the preset slider positions so that you don’t have to readjust the slider to achieve the same result on other photos. If your photo is too large, you may have to use the hand feature to move the picture in the preview pane so that you can see other details. Cropping, rotating and resizing the photo are made possible with Movavi Photo Noir.

These basic editing features in Movavi Photo Noir are just the same as the one available other competent photo editing tools. You should not delete the original photo in the camera roll. In this way, you will always have a backup copy in case you mistakenly edit the photo in the wrong way and want to reedit it all over again.

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