Saturday 24 February 2018
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Is The Future Still Looking Bright For Medical Marijuana

Is the future still looking bright for medical marijuana or should it step aside for the emergence of recreational marijuana? More states including Washington D.C. have legalized medical cannabis. It also appears that the public’s perception of medical marijuana is starting to soften a bit too. Certainly, this is due to a string of stories hitting social media and news media about medical marijuana treating medical conditions and mental conditions better than prescribed drugs, and with less side effects or no side effects. Statistics show that the majority of Americans would like to see medical marijuana legalized in all the states. This might lead some people to think that the future is indeed bright for medical marijuana.


It appears that Colorado is taking a back seat to California. At one time, Colorado was he winner in the medical marijuana field. In fact, sales in Colorado recently passed the billion-dollar mark. However, California is hot on the heels of Colorado. It is predicted by those in the cannabis industry that the cannabis market is in for big changes in the coming years. Denver, Colorado is known as the mile-high city for several reasons, including marijuana sales and production. However, it is time to face west. People in the industry are predicting that California is the new cannabis frontier. It is estimated that marijuana sales in Los Angeles alone will tumble the sales figures in the entire state of Colorado. In addition, the locals are working on legislation that would free the market for marijuana up in Los Angeles. This would allow more people to enter the industry as licensed individuals that are legally allowed to sell recreational marijuana. Here is an interesting statistic. Almost 2 percent of the population in California are on medical marijuana. In fact, the majority of medical marijuana patients are in the state of California. 

It is estimated that the need for medical marijuana will grow during the next decade. It is also suggested that a few sports teams are going to approve the use of medical marijuana to treat injuries and pain connected with playing sports games. The fact is that medical marijuana is legal in 29 states. Athletes in those states are pushing for legislature to make it possible for them to seek treatment with medical marijuana. Still, it is important to realize that the push to legalize recreational marijuana might have a devastating effect on the medical marijuana industry. People will not have to go to their family physician to get a prescription to get recreational cannabis. Thus, there is less need for physicians to oversee the dispensing of marijuana to treat various ailments. 

There is a slight chance that the recreational marijuana market will overshadow the current medical market and the medical marijuana market will slowly disappear. Still, those under 21 will have to make due with medical marijuana prescribed by a physician. Is the future still looking bright for medical marijuana. Well, the emergence of recreational marijuana will surely tarnish their future. Visit for more on the cannabis market.


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