Monday 22 January 2018
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Mobile Catering: Useful Appliances and Tools

If you work in the catering business, mobility is essential if you want to expand you catering capacity. Rather than doing all your cooking in a commercial kitchen, you can also cook foods on-site. Taking this type of approach is wise as many dishes taste better when they are just cooked. Since tastiness leads to profits, you want to check out the tools of the trade that will help you make this happen. The following pieces of equipment should be a part of your catering inventory.

Cooking Carts

Do you cook at local events? Then you need to furnish your business with cooking carts. A cooking cart provides additional cooking equipment to a catered affair. If you need to accommodate more people than you expected, having a cooking cart in indispensable.

You can also use a cart to supply a cooking station where stir-fried food, pasta, or other quick dishes are prepared. Cooking carts are designed for all types of on-site cooking and feature one or two stovetops. You can also pick from induction or gas-powered models. If you need extra storage space for your cooking tools and ingredients, you can find cooking carts that will support your storage needs.

Outdoor Grills

Take time to look at online catering supplies to get ideas about what you can add to your catering business to streamline your catering activities. For example, an outdoor grill is another appliance used by caterers. Whet the appetites of your clients with the savoury scents of sizzling and juicy meat. An outdoor grill is ideal for outdoor pool parties and other casual affairs. Some grills are sized so you can use them in your van or other confined spaces.

Portable Stoves and Hotplates

Caterers can also make use of hot plates, induction ranges, or portable stoves. If you want added cooktops during a catered event outdoors, then you will find a wide array of cooking appliances that are featured online. However, most of these appliances are made for cooking a limited quantity of food. Therefore, make sure they can be fully optimised and used for your needs. You will also have to see if the site features the required electrical connections or fuel. You may also require tables to hold the cooking devices in place.

Mobile Cold or Hot Food Tables

Rather than using several chafing dishes, you can keep food hot by using a portable hot food table, or serve cold desserts or salads using a portable cold food table. These tables are ideal for such catered events as salad bars and buffets, particularly when the party is situated outdoors.  The mobility of these tables permit more flexibility in establishing the layout for a buffet. Some of the tables feature a sneeze guard for additional safety.

Mobile Bar

You might also consider mixing and serving drinks using a portable bar. Wheeled bars feature insulated compartments for drinks, as well. Some of the bars come with such amenities as mixing systems, a soda gun, and bins for ice.

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