Friday 15 December 2017
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When Your Event Needs Modular Staging

Planning any event can be challenging. After you and your team decide to sponsor or host an event you need to decide on a time, place, amenities, materials and a plan to run the event. All of this is known as “Logistics”. It is the who, what, where, when and why of your project. Once you answer those questions, you may need to seek the help of a supplier who can provide seating, tables, bleachers and or portable modular stages for displays or events. There are many styles, shapes and sizes of modular stages and they can be made of a variety of materials and have varying price ranges.

Do a little searching on the internet to learn what you can and be able to ask the right questions and find out just what you may need. Many companies specialize in event supplies and can provide some information. Will people be using the modular stage for presentations or will you simply be putting up a display for people to look at? This can determine the kind of materials you want to look for.

Orlando mobile staging online

Go and look at and move around the types of stages you are considering. How safe is it to move around? Does it feel study? Will you need any safety railings? Is this for an indoor or outdoor event? If you are setting up a display, make sure the stage is big enough and can handle the weight of your presentation. You can have stairs to access the stage and technical or electrical support also. Be sure to think about what kind of support items you may need and make a list.

To see a selection of the different types, sizes and styles, materials and colors of modular stages please visit the website of Mario Orlando & Figli. They are expert premier suppliers and designers of stages, platforms and all manner of event planning materials and needs. Their gallery will show you a number of their items. They are expert in helping their customers choose the right product for their event and can even advise on planning. Having this kind of expertise is invaluable. Not everyone is a skilled event planner and having some help in making important choices and decisions will make your job easier and your event more successful.

Since 1984, Mario Orlando expanded his building business to include his manufactured products for use at sporting events and it has continued to grow and gain recognition. If it involves designing, producing, renting or selling of portable staging, seating, pavilions or settings, Mario Orlando and Figli can do it for you and will be happy to provide you with a quote from their website.

Visit Mario Orlando website and see what they have to offer and find some ideas for your next event. If you want the best and most successful event, go to the best suppliers.

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