Saturday 24 February 2018
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Plan a memorable Melbourne cup day party at your home

If you are not planning to celebrate the Melbourne cup day party at the trackside, the best option is to spend a cheerful day celebrating Melbourne cup day at your home where you will host a great party for it. Party comes with planning and there‘s just a little to know about planning that will make your Melbourne cup day celebration unforgettable. You have to look for invitations, delicious dining, champagne, Melbourne cup decoration, and party supplies before you end with your planning.Image result for Plan a memorable Melbourne cup day party at your home

What to look for in planning

Melbourne cup day celeberations is simply about enjoying and relaxing a momentous day with your friends and family with having champagne and delicious food and of course, the great game. Additionally there are some things to look upon for best party plan

  1. Plan for Drinks and Menu: Melbourne cup day celebrations are more about champagne than the food. Just have a sparkling wine keep flowing thought out the day with never-empty glasses of your guests. Plan for the menu having delicious but light food which keeps going through whole day.
  2. Venue of the party:  The mid day parties better to be at day light and sunny open area. Most of restaurants or other venues are occupied but lot of other options you will find to have a great party.  An open garden home or farmhouse can be best if you can arrange.
  3. Party Decorations: Melbourne cup day party is incomplete without the Melbourne cup decoration and the party supplies. Look for the online website to have numerous Melbourne cup theme party supplies like fancy dresses, Melbourne cup balloons, and tableware and jockey caps.  
  4. Entertainment and watching game:  Look for the entertainment value as you can add some extra activities like guessing games and bets which will be awarded by chocolates later. Also take care of the screen size according to the strength of the party for best experience.

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