Saturday 24 February 2018
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Private Dance Parties for Active Guests

If you are hosting a party or social engagement and you know your guests are not just the sit-on-a-chair kinds, then a private dance party may be better. Paper party goods with an ideal dance theme can be the right move for a host looking to throw a truly and really exciting party.

Music is the life of a party and you need it to keep guests alive. From the trending club bangers to the vintage bunny hop, so long as your guests can connect with your tune they will enjoy it. For a party with varied guest lists, as it is with most birthday parties for young children, finding the ideal dance playlist can be a bit difficult. Remember you need music that’s not only ideal for little kids but also teens. This needs require great skills. Develop the DJ within and plan for that special occasionRelated image

Cold beverages are a necessity for the thirsty dancers at the party. The high school dance used to adopt a glass bowl stocked with cold refreshment. Avoid using glass cups as they are prone to breaks and are never just enough, the bowl may do just fine. A better alternative is to purchase dance themed paper napkins and cups.

For a proper dance party, you want to keep the food menu as simple as possible. Cookies served on a small dance themed paper plate and cocktail napkins will do the trick for your guests. You may want to add some vegetable or cheese platters to go well with the ice chilled beverages available.

If you cannot afford or do not have a proper DJ, have somebody man the stereos so the music never stops, and the fun never dies.

Event organizers now offer you the chance to exclusively lease a specific location for a specific period of time to entertain your guests when planning private dance parties. Such facilities can house up to 20 guests.

Dance parties are wonderful and they go well with any kind of celebration, be it a graduation, Christmas party or even a birthday party. Delicious food, great dance tunes round off with ice cold drinks – these combos are sure to light your party up!

Spicing up your party with a few games If you want to thrill your guests and get them all involved in the party proceedings. Introducing a few games between dances can make people open up more and enjoy the party in a relaxed manner. The laughs, the banter and the excitements that a game brings would only make the party more fun and everybody will willingly get involved and show off their great moves and skills.


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