Monday 22 January 2018
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So You Want to Have a Christmas Wedding

There are several incredible times of the year to have a wedding, but very few of them are even close to a Christmas wedding. Christmas is an incredible time to have a wedding for many different reasons. For one, the spirit of giving is so prevalent during the Christmas season. People feel generous and connected with one another. It’s a great time to celebrate friendship, bonds, and charity. It’s also a great time to celebrate new beginnings. Christmas helps to mark the beginning of a new era in the world; it also marks the beginning of a new year. Finally, Christmas is known as a time of beautiful decorations and elaborate lighting. All of these reasons and more make it a perfect time for a wedding.

Italianate Architecture

In the nineteenth century, especially the late nineteenth century, Italianate architecture became very popular. Italianate architecture was popular throughout the world; it was a style that was designed to mimic the Italian Renaissance. It was updated somewhat to reflect 19th century sensibilities. Also, it used materials that had become available in the two hundred years since the Renaissance. If you are getting married, an Italianate building is a great choice. They reflected the classic architecture of the Renaissance as well as the late 19th century. Italianate buildings are beautiful, ornate, and spacious. They make some of the best Christmas wedding venues in Sydney.

Spacious and Ornate

The Italianate style is perfect for Christmas weddings since the style is so ornate and elegant. It is very conducive to Christmas decorations. It also works well for weddings because large open spaces were very popular for Italianate buildings. That means many of these building have space for many guests as well as dance floors. They provide a lot of light and open space.

If you are looking for somewhere to have a Christmas wedding, look for an Italianate building. Also, be on the lookout for one that provides catering.


When you are choosing a wedding venue, it can sometimes be difficult to line up caterers. Caterers can be difficult since they are going to be limited in what they can provide and where they can cook. They have to be able to cook in the kitchen of the building or bring food and heat it up at the location. However, many of these classic buildings do not allow outside cooks to cook in their kitchens for fear of damaging their classic buildings. Therefore, if you are choosing an Italianate building, you should choose one that provides catering. Finally, you need to make sure the catering also accommodates people with dietary restrictions. Many people have necessary dietary restrictions and others have voluntary ones. Whatever the case may be, a caterer who provides such accommodations is very useful for a wedding.

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