Saturday 24 February 2018
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Stag Party Checklist

A stag party is an important send-off for any man before they start married life. Planning a memorable party doesn’t have to be expensive, but it is a good idea to arrange several activities to make sure that the weekend goes smoothly.


Make sure that there is enough money to cover the trip and do all the planned activities. It is not fun to find that no-one has enough money to go out and enjoy themselves. Make sure to set aside money well in advance and pre-book any activities.

party in the groom’s hometown


Staging the stag party in the groom’s hometown of Fort Lauderdale can be a good opportunity to save some money whilst having a great time. Draw up a shortlist of different places and do some research before making the final decision.


Travelling in style at a Stag Party is important. Why not book a stylish limo in Fort Lauderdale or hire some classic cars to cruise around the town? This will make travelling easier, rather than having to rely on fleets of taxis.

Limousines are perfect for large groups of people, as the cars have plenty of room for people to unwind in. Hiring a limo for the weekend can also be more cost-effective than using a fleet of taxis to go everywhere.


It is important not to get bored during a Stag Party, so plan different activities which will keep everyone entertained. Try to keep the activities varied: for example, why not go quad biking in the morning and wine tasting in the afternoon? There will be dozens of different things to do in whichever city the stag party is being held. Choose activities carefully: there is no point arranging to go to a pottery class if everyone would prefer to go bungee jumping off a bridge instead.

You can mix and match different activities so that it is not always a rush of adrenaline. Some people might get extremely tired and this could spoil their enjoyment of the Stag Party.

Be careful not to plan too many different things to do because this can make the weekend feel rushed and can also tire people out before the Stag Party is over.


If going out at night is important to the groom and the rest of the group, then you might want to travel to another city with plenty of bars such as Miami so the group can relax with a drink as the day draws to a close. If the group wants to do something livelier, choose a city with good nightclubs and music venues. This means that there won’t be any boring evenings spent stuck in the hotel with nothing to do.

A stag party will be a complete success, provided that you plan it down to the finest detail and don’t leave anything to chance at all.

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