Saturday 24 February 2018
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The Benefits of Producing a TV Commercial

Are you thinking about setting aside some of your advertising budget to shoot and air a television commercial? TV commercials do have a number of benefits for businesses, especially if the finished commercial is high-quality and well-written and acted. While creating a high-quality commercial does require more of a budget than some options, it’s still very affordable, especially if you work with an experienced production company. Here are some of the benefits to creating a television promotional spot.


Your advertisement is going to be seen before a very large audience, especially if you are able to have it shown during a primetime event. Even if you can’t get it aired during a major programme, you can often find affordable airtime during programmes that are aimed at your specific audience. Thanks to additional viewing information and data, it’s easily possible to tell who is watching which programmes so you know you’re not wasting money showing your ad during time slots that your particular niche isn’t watching.

It’s also possible to have your commercial shown only to stations that broadcast to a specific area. For example, if you’re a local business that doesn’t ship products or only provides services in one area, you don’t need to have your ad shown to viewers all over the country.  People have their televisions on even when they’re not really watching the programme that’s running, but they will take note of your commercial if it catches their attention.

Commercials Harness Multiple Types of Media

With print advertising, all you have is stationary images. With online ads, you often have moving text or images but may not always have sound. Radio ads are sound but no images. With television, however, you can have all of these types of media. Your advertisements can contain images, video, sounds, and text, allowing you to reach viewers in multiple ways. High-quality work from the video production company will blend all of these together to create an amazing ad that truly gets your message across.

This means your ad can reach people even if they don’t necessarily experience every aspect of it. If a person is out of the room or looking at something else, the audio may catch his or her attention. If he or she has the TV on mute, he or she might still notice what’s happening on the screen.

It Makes Your Business More Personable

A TV commercial lets you give your business a face even more than other types of advertisements. Commercials take your business beyond a name and a logo by giving it a face, a voice, and a personality. Your commercial can show off your sense of humour, making a connection in your customers’ minds between your company and fun. It can also be used to show that you’re professional, serious, smart, and any number of other things. With the right script and visuals, your commercial can completely transform your business’s image, especially if you’re really creative and come up with something that is truly unique.

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