Monday 22 January 2018
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What Else You Can Do With Holiday Ribbon?

Probably the only time of the year that people really use ribbon is during the Winter holiday season. Sure, ok, perhaps throughout the year you might use ribbon for other gifts—like birthdays, anniversaries, maybe a graduation—but for the most part, holiday ribbon pretty much remains a November and December kind of thing.

So what do you do with all that material?  

Well, you know, you could simply use it on presents but there are other ways to get creative with ribbon during the holiday season.  


Everyone loves tinsel on a tree. It glimmers; it shimmers; it shines—it adds to that festive winter spirit with an illusion of icicles.  But tinsel is messy, which wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t also terribly difficult to clean up. You can’t simply vacuum up fallen tinsel: it can get stuck in your vacuum machine’s brushes.Image result for What Else You Can Do With Holiday Ribbon?

Well, next year, maybe instead of using that brittle, stringy stuff, consider your left over ribbon.  You can weave them together, strip them down into smaller pieces, or just unravel a roll around the tree.  There are lots of ways to use your existing ribbon to make your tree more festive!


As a matter of fact, you might also just consider making a Christmas tree out of ribbon. Maybe you want a small one for your desk at work or for your dinner table. Maybe you are growing a bit beleaguered by the rising prices of trees; and maybe you would prefer a more green and sustainable holiday and want to skip the tree altogether.  A ribbon Christmas tree could be a fun and festive alternative to the tradition.


Similarly, the Christmas wreath is another tradition that many people love.  A wreath on the front door is a fun way to return home from work during the holidays, and a welcomed sight to visitors.  Whether you want an alternative to the traditional holly wreath or, perhaps, are looking for a more economical means to add yet more holiday fun to interior doors, a handmade ribbon wreath might do the trick (and they might make an excellent gift, too).

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