Friday 15 December 2017
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What you need to know about festival toilet hire

 There are a huge number of events that require the hire of portable toilets and at first glance and first thought, this may appear to be a hard and long process, however, this is not necessarily the case. The successful hire of a toilet will depend on asking a number of questions about the logistics in order to get an idea of how many are needed, what type are needed, how long they are needed for and where they are needed. As long as this is done within a suitable amount of time, hiring toilet facilities for your event or festival is a very simple and easy process.

For What Period of Time are the Portable Toilets Needed?

The amount of time that is needed for the hire of a portable toilet is a vital step in the hiring process. There exists a standard rate and price that is dependent on the total time needed. The main consideration is whether or not the toilets will be needed for a longer period or a shorter period than two weeks. This is what is classed as short or long term hire and the most likely event is that for a festival, it would be significantly under 2 weeks, which would mean the short term rate would apply. 

How Many Toilets are Required for the Festival?

The number of toilets needed will obviously be dependent on the number of people that are expected to be at the festival. This can be something that is tricky to work out, but thankfully, andyloos has created a calculator in order to help you:Image result for What you need to know about festival toilet hire

Portable Toilet Hire Quotation

The calculator will return typical values that for every 100 people attending for an event under 6 hours, one toilet is needed and this is a handy tool to use for your hire. 

What Type of Toilets are necessary?

It is useful to decide the type of toilets that will be needed from a variety of toilets that are available from Tardis Enviromental. The standard portable toilets, with only cold wash, instead of hot wash will probably be sufficient for hiring at an event such as a festival. However, it is also worth considering the number of disabled guests and hence the number of disabled toilets, with increased accessibility may be needed. 

What Location Are The Toilets Needed In?

There must be some consideration as to where the festival is and whether this is in the region of a branch to deliver to. This is also heavily dependent on the size of the event and therefore the size of the order, a large order of toilets means delivery range will be extended. 

The second element of this will be working out the logistics of the delivery. For example, some festivals will be hard to get to, especially for a large truck containing several portable toilets for a large event. Any potential difficulties should be mentioned so that delivery companies can assess the situation and perhaps make alternative arrangements. 

In addition, for a large period of hire, there will be a call to service and clean the toilets and so there should be a note as to whether this can be done easily or not. 

How To Receive an Online Quotation

Tardis Enviromental has its very own form to fill in. The process of filling in the form is extremely easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. Following this, a member of the team will contact you by email a few days after, giving a full price quote for the hire of your toilets. 

This is where planning ahead can be extremely important, it is not wise to leave toilet hire until the last minute and given that you have plenty of time, by asking the following questions, one can make the process, quick, simple and efficient. 

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